Imane Djamil (b. 1996, Casablanca). Lives and works in Casablanca.

​Imane Djamil’s photography seeks the very fine line between reality and the sublime in what she calls Mental Geographies. Contingent and cross cultural worlds interpenetrate through narrative assemblage creating new topographics. Her former interest in places in post-traumatic transition drives her towards a vision at the crossroads of intimate, but yet widely spread, autofiction and visual tales. Territories like Tarfaya, a Saharian city where the Little Prince, Antoine de St-Exupery’s character was born, or Sarajevo become conceptual microcosms in which History begets a metaphorical dialogue with personal, political or gender related anecdotes. As a nomadic, it is in her visual, literary and performative work that she seeks refuge to poetically inhabit a space. While her poetry is immediate and tumultuous, often described as raw and unapologetic, her photographs are rather lyrical. A photograph is based on a reality which includes the active participation of the author, camera and subject, three necessary and vital components (which can be portrayed as parental figures) for its conception. The artist has an interest in the moment of transition of a photograph, the moment in which the umbilical cord breaks (the roll is developed) and splits with the womb to become an independent entity. Imane is interested in the independence of a photograph, this mysterious child who draws their own destiny independently from their origin. While the birth of a photograph is the fruit of a moment that once existed, its present is autonomous, making it a photograph that has as many lives as viewers. Imane Djamil has shown her work in various galleries and photography festivals including Le Maroc Contemporain at Institut du Monde Arabe in 2014  and Photoespana’s official selection in 2018. She is a multidisciplinary artist and has participated to multiple residencies such as Mujeres y el Mediterraneo at Casa Mediterraneo in Alicante and Esperienza Pepe as part of the Venice Biennale of Architecture.


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